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Hello and Welcome to Taste of Siam.

My name is Tataya Kudo. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand but currently live happily in Kotoku, Tokyo with a warm and smart Japanese guy. I am a full time mom blessed with a charming prince. 

I am Thai, which means English is my foreign language. However, I write all the content in this blog in English and I bet you will find many grammar errors and misspelled words. I do hope that this doesn't bother you much.  If it does, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it. 

Most people learn how to cook from their parents but I don't. When I was a young girl my mother was not very happy having me in the kitchen. She wanted me to pay attention on my study and spend time with friends.  I was pretty much spoiled. Just after getting married that I slowly learned how to make good foods.  Of course, I didn't like it at first and it took me many trails and errors to make and perfect each meal.  My lack of experience was obvious. But I didn't give up and kept trying. Then after some time I was improved and I was so happy. 

Cooking Classes I have attended 
After taking culinary adventure on my own for a while I felt like attending proper culinary school to brush up my cooking skill. So I decided to sign up for a Thai cooking course at M.L.Puang Dinakara The Royal Exquisite Thai Cooking School. , one of the best culinary schools in Bangkok. The place is hugely famous for its traditional Thai royal court food courses, Thai cooking, fruit and vegetable carvings . I did pick up new cooking skills and delicious recipes.   

Then I took a half day class on making fresh udon from scratch with FEET at Buddha Bellie Cooking School Tokyo.  The udon noodles made that day was fresh, chewy and springy. They were the best noodles I ever tasted. I just loved being there. 

About this blog 
Thailand was formerly known as Siam. This is the reason why I named this blog "Taste of Siam". Most recipes you will find in this blog will be Thai recipes. 

I am Thai woman growing up eating Thai food. I love everything about it: the strong taste, the spiciness, the aroma, the colorfulness and of course it health benefits. I eat almost everything from all region. I will try my best to post all of them.  

Apart from Thai food, I always admire, respect and enjoy Japanese cuisine. So I do include  my favorite Japanese recipes and my bento pictures in here. And I would like to thank my husband and my mother in law for providing me the original recipes and many valuable cooking tips. 

I hope this blog captures the essence of Thai cuisine and it enriches the lives of everyone, any where, who cooks with love.   


Popular posts from this blog

Khanom Tuay (Coconut Milk Custard)

Khanom Tuay, ขนมถ้วย (Coconut Milk Custard), is one of very common, traditional  and delicious coconutty Thai desserts. The name Khanom Tuay literary means "dessert in a bowl" in Thai derived from the fact that it is made in a small bite size porcelain cup.
 The dessert has  2 layers: the sweet chewy coconut milk based layer on the bottom with the thick coconut cream on top. 

Stir Fry Thai Sukiyaki

With all the recipes I have on hand, I am still at a loss at times on what to cook. I usually defrost something the night before and think about what to do with it in the following day. So I tend to cook in a hurry in the morning and the best and quickest way for me to get the breakfast ready is to make a stir fry.
Yesterday I bought a large tray of frozen shrimp from nearby supermarket because it looked really appetizing and dirt cheap. I defrost some and made stir fry Thai sukiyaki with shrimp this morning.

Chor Muang

Chor Muang, ช่อม่วง (flower shaped chicken dumpling) is one of the most popular traditional appetizers in Thailand. Renowned for its beautiful shape which resembled a tiny purplish flower (Golden Dewdrop)and exotic mild sweet stuffing, chor muang is loved by everyone of all age.