Flower Bento : Harmony of two different cultures

by - December 02, 2011

This is my entry for Bento Contest 2011 hosted by cookinggallerybentolicious ,justonecookbook and sponsored by casabento
I was not confident in my bento making skill and quite reluctant to enter the contest, though I have prepared hundreds of lunch boxes for my family. Frankly, those lunch boxes 
were hardly  real lunch box : they were just a dull meal in a container. I always admire Japanese housewives who elaborately arranged their kids' meals into animals, plants, characters , etc. 
For me, making bento is an art that I simply don't have skill, patience and technique to attempt. 
However, sometimes it 's good to challenge myself so I finally decided to join the contest.  

Here, I am entering the contest with a lunchbox that true to my roots. If you don't know me, my roots are Thai. That's why some of my favorite Thai foods were included in this special lunch box.  

inari sushi sprinkled with black sesame and topped with lady's finger
flower shaped chicken dumpling (chor muang) and peppermint leaves in the center
  deep fried mackerel 
chikuwa stuffed with crab stick 
sausage + green pea
ham +asparagus
Thai style sweet stewed egg, narutomaki, shrimp in chili sauce, green pea
 strawberries, grape, orange
bitter melon + Japanese plum + cheese + seaweed 

It took me almost two hours to get it right. I hope you like it. 

I am more than happy to tell you that I WON this wonderful contest. My husband and I really can't believe this. 
This is my first bento contest and I won FIRST prize!!!

I would like to thanks CG,NamiLia and Casabento again for hosting this fun contest. 

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  1. Hi Tataya,...hopefully not too late to say congratulations,...you deserve got number one prize,...your bentou looks so delicious and very pretty,..

  2. Lis,
    Thanks for stopping by. And thank you so much for your lovely words. I was honored , very pleased and surprised to win first prize. Though I worked so hard for this, there were a lot of participants and their bentos were beautiful too. :-)