Roselle Juice

by - August 27, 2012

I was introduced to Roselle Juice when I was in primarily school.  As my friends and I were drooling over the canteen we saw a small store selling many colorful drinks in a large glass 'vats'.  Then I spotted this pretty mysterious looking drink and I was so excited. I never saw any drink that beautiful.  The bright, rich, deep dark red color  really caught my eyes. It looked like a liquid candy. I knew I had to taste it. 

The drink was served over a lot of crashed ice in a small plastic cup. It was tangy, sweet, so refreshing and simply delicious. It was so good that I found myself reaching out for more every time I entered the canteen.  

I have been craving for roselle juice for a long time  so I asked my mother to send roselle flowers over from Bangkok. She did send them along with my many favorite things. I was so happy.     

Today I made the drink with dried roselle flowers but I think the fresh ones will work the same way (or better?). The drink is usually sweeten with a lot of sugar but you can make it as healthy, as sugarless as you wish. Make roselle juice today and I am sure it will be the drink you want to sit and sip on these hot summer days.  

Below is my roselle juice recipe. 
2,000 ml. water
good handful of dried roselle flowers 
sugar to taste 
1. Rinse the dried roselle flowers in cold running water. Drain well.
2. Bring water to the boil. Add in roselle flowers and sugar.
3. Cook until the sugar dissolve and the water become purplish. Discard the roselle flowers. Let cool and chill. Serve with some ice.    

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  1. Dear M/s Tataya,

    Sabai di mai khap?

    I found your blog when I searched for Chor Muang.

    Your food blog from the photos is beautiful. Sui mak mak. And the Thai aharn looks authentic which means you really made an effort. Not easy in Japan, I know. The ingredients can be hard to find and expensive.

    Please continue to post more.

    Your husband and prince are very lucky.

    Chok dee
    Andrew Tang

  2. Dear Mr. Andrew,
    Sabai de ka. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you like my blog.
    You are right. It is not easy to make authentic Thai food and keep the original presentation of it in Japan. Thai ingredients are expensive and some are not available. Moreover,substituting one ingredient for another may change both taste and texture of the food.

    I will keep posting as often as I can.

    Chok dee to you too and hope to see you back soon.

  3. I think my brother in Thailand might help me with these dried roselle flowers! :D Looks refreshing and delicious!!

  4. Hi Nami,
    Your brother sure can help you. I hope you give a try some day and you will like it.