Palm Sugar Braised Shrimp

by - November 26, 2012

I am a market junkie. In love I love local busy flea market, lively garage and yard sales. Every month I went to Ameyoko Market, the local flea market here in Tokyo, in search of cosmetics, kitchen supplies, tropical fruits, fresh seafood and vegetable. Most of my family meals have been made with this flea market finds.

Last week I went to Ameyoko market for some foods. Then I saw one seafood vendor selling lovely lot of  head on shrimp. It was so fresh as if it just leap out of the sea(or water?).  Now either my brain or my desires betrayed me. I purchased 5 trays of shrimp (5 kilos!!) for the price of 5,000 yen. The vendor packed my tasty arthropod in two large plastic bags full of ice. I hurried to catch the underground back home. 

That evening, I was cleaning an awful lot of shrimp--it was then I realized that I actually bought TOO MUCH shrimp!! Despite heroic efforts, we could not eat all that shrimp. So I stored  more than half of it in my tiny freezer. And I think I will have at least 3 shrimp 
recipes to share with you in the near future.    

Today I am going to share with you Palm Sugar Braised Shrimp,  Goong Waan, กุ้งหวาน recipe. If you are not familiar with ,Goong Waan is shrimp braised in palm sugar sauce. It is sweet savory and salty at the end. This home-cooking dish is usually served with a bowl of porridge but it also goes well with a plate of steam rice.  

Yields 4 servings Clock30 minutes

120 grams medium size head on shrimp 
2 medium size shallots, sliced thinly  
25 grams palm sugar 
2/3 teaspoon salt 
200 cc. water 

1. Clean the shrimp and cut off its nose and antennas. 
2. Heat up the saucepan with water. Add in shallot and palm sugar. Stir to combine.  
3. Add in shrimp.  
4. Cover and cook over the low heat until the water almost all evaporate.  Dish out. Serve with a bowl of porridge or a plate of steam rice. 

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  1. I love shrimp and palm sugar (my new favorite kind of sugar!). I must make this soon, this looks so good. I keep forgetting that you live in Tokyo. :) It's nice that you live near Ameyoko!

  2. Yes, it 's always nice to have local market close to your place, especially for people who enjoy cheap eats. (who doesn't?) Thank for stopping by.