Spicy Rice Noodles Soup (เส้นเล็กต้มยำ)

by - May 13, 2013

I love all sort of noodles but if I have to choose one of my favorite noodles, it would probably be thin rice noodles (เส้นเล็ก). I love the slippery smooth texture ,the ability to absorb flavors and the subtle taste of rice flour.  Whether it is a stir try, dried, or soup, thin rice noodles never fail to delight me.  

Today I prepared the noodles soup from scratch and I recommended you to do so. But if you don' t feel like making the stock, you could certainly use canned chicken broth. But the homemade noodles soup does add a lot of depth to the dish. So just do it. It makes you feel very chef-y. 

The typical toppings of the dish are pork balls, fish balls, shrimp ball, minced pork, pork slices but you could play with anything you want-- you can try chicken, seafood, soft boiled eggs, char siew, fried tofu, etc. 

I hope you give this noodles recipe a try soon. It does take time to make but the whole process is pretty simple and I guarantee that this tasty bowl of noodles has all the flavors you 're looking for in a Thai noodles dish. It 's spicy, sweet, tangy and salty with lots of slurpy slippery noodles. 

Below is my  Spicy Rice Noodles Soup (เส้นเล็กต้มยำ, Sen Lek Tom Yum) recipe.     


thin rice noodles
fish balls, shrimp ball
some bean sprout 
fried wonton

for the stock
500 grams chicken bone
2,500 ml.  water 
30 black peppercorns 
4 whole Thai pickled garlic bulbs (กระเทียมดอง)
4 tablespoon pickled garlic brine (นํ้ากระเทียมดอง)
3 cilantro roots  (รากผักชี)
1/2 stalk celery, cut into small pieces
1/3 daikon, peeled cut into thick pieces 
1. Wrap cilantro roots, pickled garlic bulbs and black peppercorns in a cheesecloth. Place it with the rest of stock ingredients in a pot, simmer for 3 hours. Scoop off any brown foam and fat that show up on the surface.
2. Then season with 
2 teaspoon salt 
1/2 tablespoon rock sugar 
1 tablespoon  fish sauce 
1 teaspoon light soy sauce (ซีอิ้วขาว)
3. Remove from heat.

4. For the toppings, I made seasoned minced pork (หมูบะช่อ) and tender pork slices (หมูนุ่ม). 

                                                               150 grams minced pork  
                                                           1/2 tablespoon light soy sauce
                                                       1/3 teaspoon baking soda (optional)

                                                 250 grams pork butt, cut into bite size pieces 
                                                           1 and 1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce 
                                                           1/4 tablespoon Thai light soy sauce 
                                                                  1/8 teaspoon sugar 

5. For the tender pork slices, marinate the pork butt with oyster sauce, Thai light soy sauce and sugar, cover and let sit in the fridge overnight or at least 2-3 hours. Bring the pork out of the fridge and cook it in boiling water, set Aside. 

6. Mix the minced pork with light soy sauce and baking soda, let sit for 20 minutes. Cook the minced pork in boiling water, set aside. 

7. Fry wontons and boil the fish balls and shrimp balls. 
  Now is my favorite-- season the noodles soup!
8. Here is what I added to the noodles soup. 

                                                                      3 teaspoon sugar 
                                                                   1 tablespoon lime juice 
                                                              1 and 1/2 tablespoon fish sauce
                                                              1/2 tablespoon chili powder (พริกป่น)
                                                            1 and 1/2 teaspoon fried-garlic
                                                       3/4 teaspoon Thai roasted chili paste (นํ้าพริกเผา)
                                                   2 heap teaspoon roasted crushed peanuts
9. Add 150 ml. of the soup to the serving bowl. 
10. Parboil the bean sprouts and cook the noodles according to package direction, drain well, place in the bowl with your choices of toppings. Serve immediately. 

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  1. This looks so spicy but super awesome! Thank you for the recipe. I love your photograph style.

  2. Thank you Nippon Nin. Try this out and please let me know if you like it.

  3. pretty damn good thai style spicy noodle..
    Never had a soup noodle with peanut before..
    sounds a great idea!
    btw i would love it even more with a goodness of tangy tamarind taste....

  4. @Dentistvschef
    Thank you for stopping by. I never add tamarind concentrate to this noodle bowl, sounds interesting!