Fermented Rice Flour Noodles with Southern Style Fish Curry (ขนมจีนนํ้ายาปักษ์ใต้)

by - September 18, 2013

I love Southern Thai food and every time I go eating out in restaurants specialized in Southern Thai Food,  other than Muslim yellow rice with chicken and crispy pan-fried Muslim bread,Roti, I always order a plate of fermented rice flour noodles served with rich, spicy coconut based Southern style ground fish curry, Nam Yah. 

Unlike the mainstream ground fish curry,the Southern style ground fish curry is usually flavored , and colored with fresh turmeric. The turmeric gives it a unique bold bright yellow color I love. The curry has just enough sweetness from the coconut milk with a fragrance of the turmeric. As for the fish, I often use Japanese horse mackerel or cod, however, I think most fish would work for this recipe.  

Last week, I went to several Thai restaurants and Asian markets in searching for fermented rice flour noodles. I had no luck, not one ever stock these delicious rice noodles. One of the restaurant suggested me to substitute with wheat noodles just like they did!!  So I assume that most readers would not have an access to fermented rice flour noodles so my recipe uses Hiyamugi noodles. 

A key to successful Southern style fish curry is the freshness of the fish and spices. I suggest you to used the really fresh fish and spices other than the frozen / canned or dried ones. I hope you get a chance to try my recipe and enjoy it with your family. 

1 pack dried Hiyamugi wheat noodles 
soft boiled egg (s) for serving 
300 cc. water 
500 cc.coconut milk

for the chili paste  
200 grams boiled fish meat
200 grams crab meat 
2 stalks lemongrass, sliced thinly 
2 slices galangal(ข่า), chopped 
10 cloves Thai garlic, peeled
2 shallots, sliced
3 tablespoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
2 tablespoon shrimp paste (กะปิ)
6 dried chili peppers (พริกแห้ง), adjust to tolerance 
  1 teaspoon salt 
1. With a processor or a mortar and pestle, process the chili paste ingredients until they become smooth paste. 
2. Bring water to the boil, add in the paste from step 1. Stir to combine well. 
 3.Add in coconut milk, keep cooking over medium - low heat until the sauce is thicken. 
4. Cook the noodles according to the packaging direction. Serve with the curry. 
Notes : 
* If you are new to mortar and pestle, try start with the dried ingredients: black peppercorns, garlic and add the fish and shrimp paste last, trust me, it 's easier this way. 

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