Casseroled Prawn with Glass Noodles

by - August 21, 2011

Sometimes local Japanese supermarkets stock fresh and cheap prawn with the head on. On one fine day, I spotted fresh large prawn with its head at Fuji Mart, one of my favorite places. So happy I was, I rushed to it as if somebody would take them all. Then I bought enough and went back home, thinking about what I would make for lunch. 

A lot of people love shrimp and I am not an exception.
Casseroled Prawn with Glass Noodles was always my favorite Thai dish when I was a little girl. Nothing ever beats juicy large prawn with glass noodles in aromatic ginger and pepper sauce. 

Today I made Casseroled Prawn with Glass Noodles with my non- stick pan in stead of clay pot. 

Below is authentic and easy Casseroled Prawn with Glass Noodles.     
4 large size prawn
glass noodles 65 grams 
sesame oil 1 tbs.
oyster sauce 2.5 tbs. 
dark soy sauce 1 tbs.
light soy sauce (shoyu would do) 1 tbs.
ground coriander seeds, garlic and pepper 1 tbs.
ginger 5-6 slices    
celery 1 stalk 

I peeled the shrimp just to make it easy for my kid to eat. However, I do suggest you to cook the shrimp head- on with the shell intact, for Casseroled Prawn with Glass Noodles. As the natural sweetness of shrimp head and shell will "add depth" to this dish.

With the food processor or  mortar and pestle, blend together coriander seeds, garlic and pepper. Set aside. 

Soak glass noodles in some water for 5 minutes. Then bring water to the boil.  Add the glass noodle, keep boiling until just tender. Set aside. 

Heat up the pan with sesame oil. Saute coriander seeds, garlic, pepper and ginger until just fragrant.  

Add the glass noodles and prawn to the pan, stir well with oyster sauce, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce. Add in 1/2 cup of water. 

Cover the pan with its lid and cook for few minutes. Sir from time to time.  

Add in celery. Serve immediately. 

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