Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste

by - August 22, 2011

I love Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste. Not only because it is extremely tasty, yet simple and down to earth dish. This is the recipe that usually bring  back my high school memories. 

Apart from street vendors, Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste is commonly sold in  Thai school cafeterias. 
The catfish was deep fried and lightly toasted in freshly aromatic pounded red curry paste. I still remembered cafeteria's old lady scooped the huge pile of rice into the plate, topping with generous amount of  Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste. All for only 15 baht.    

Today I making Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste with store brought Red Curry Paste. Though, there are plenty of fresh homemade Red Curry Paste recipes available, I never dream of making it from scratch. 

Making "homemade" Red Curry Paste is too hectic for me.  
Below is authentic and easy Stir Fry Catfish in Red Curry Paste recipe.   
1 catfish
red curry paste 3 tbs 
palm sugar 2 tbs 
vegetable oil 2 tbs 
water 1/3 cup  
deep fried holy basil leaves to garnish
(I didn't stock any holy basil in the fridge, so today I substituted with shiso leaves.) 

Deep fried shiso leaves until crispy. Set aside.

Cut the catfish into 1.5 cm. slices. Wash in running water, pat dry. 
In the same wok, deep fried catfish until golden crispy.  Set aside. Don't fry the fish too long, or it will be too dried. The fish should be "crispy outside and soft moist inside".

Oil the pan. Add in red curry paste, stir fry until aromatic.  Add palm sugar. Pour in water, stir fry until the sugar dissolve completely. 

Add the fish in the pan, stir fry until well combined. 
Dish out, garnish with shiso leaves. Serve hot.    

I didn't add in any fish sauce as store brought red curry paste already had more than enough salt. You can add in ,if you want.

Fried Shiso leaves did't taste exactly the same as holy basil leaves. However, it did go well together.  

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