Thai Sukiyaki

by - January 25, 2012

I just got a really heavy box of love from my parents in law, directly  from Sendai  yesterday. It was full of umen (fermented wheat noodles popular in Sendai), mochi (rice cakes), red bean paste, snacks for my kid and a lot of fresh seasonal vegetable from our small farm. 

So today I am going to make  an amazing delicious, healthy and easy meal: Thai Sukiyaki.

Thai Sukiyaki is Thailand 's version of Japanese Sukiyaki. Despite the name, it bears only vague resemblance to Japanese Sukiyaki. It is rather a modified version of Chinese hot pot under  the Japanese name. Thai Sukiyaki is very popular and common feast for any family reunion and friend gathering. It is tasty, fresh as all the ingredient is cooked right in the bubbling broth in the electric or clay pot at the center of the dining table. Its simple broth has a very mild flavor so most Thais are usually dip the ingredients in a bowl of spicy dipping sauce before eating or add some of the dipping sauce to their soup bowls. The ingredients for Thai Sukiyaki are various ; they can be slices of pork, beef, chicken, seafood , dumplings, fish/pork balls and vegetable.  Simply delicious!!

Below is my easy and delicious Thai Sukiyaki recipe.  The recipe is only the guideline; you can replace or add your favorite choices of meat and veggies. 
1 chicken carcass
2,000 ml. water 
1/4 daikon,peeled, cut into thick slices  
a pinch of salt 

Sukiyaki Dipping Sauce 
1 tablespoon ketchup
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
2 tablespoon chili sauce 
1/2 tablespoon sesame oil 
1/2 tablespoon roasted sesame
2 teaspoon sugar 
2 chili , thinly sliced
a clove of garlic, sliced

400 grams chicken, cut into bite size 
250 grams scallops
shrimp balls
imitation crab stick 
glass noodles 
golden needle mushroom 
Chinese cabbage 

1. Place the chicken and the slices of daikon in the pot, cover with cold water. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add in salt and scoop out the brown foam from the stock. 
2. Mix all the sauce ingredient in a small bowl. Set aside. 

3. Bring the broth to the boil, add in the meat and vegetable to the pot.  Wait until it is done. Serve with dipping sauce. Enjoy!!

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  1. I love Thai version of sukiyaki idea! The way of cooking is more similar to Shabu shabu as you put clear broth in the pot? You received mochi and red bean paste? Hmmmm zenzai should be in order! (I just made them the other day. yummy!) Have a good Sunday!

  2. Yes.I put the clear broth in the pot so it is more similar to Shabu Shabu :-). But Thais picked up the name maybe because the Japanese song called "Sukiyaki" was worldwide big hit at the time the dish created.
    Yes, I got mochi and red bean paste and have been eating Zenzai for at least 1 week ...yummy.