Tako (Mung Bean Jelly with Coconut Cream)

by - January 30, 2012

Tako (Mung Bean Jelly with Coconut Cream), ตะโก้, is one of the most delicious and common Thai desserts you will find almost everywhere in Bangkok. In Thailand, Tako is usually made in a bite size cup, which made from fresh aromatic pandan leaves.  The dessert has 2 layers: a jelly custard on the bottom with coconut cream on top. The ingredients for the custard are various; they can be corn kennels, taro or water chestnuts. 

When I was working in Bangkok, I loved to have Water Chestnut Toko  both after and between meals. It was and still one of my guilty pleasures. 

Unfortunately, I have no access to pandan leaves that are used as a container, natural color and aroma for this dessert. So please forgive me for not able to keep the original beautiful presentation of the dessert.    

Bottom Layer
35 grams mung bean flour
400 cc. water (use pandan juice if you can) 
125 grams sugar 
80 grams corn kennels , boiled

Top Layer 
400 cc. coconut milk 
25 grams rice flour 
1 teaspoon salt  

small silicone or plastic cups 

1. Mix the bottom layer ingredient in the mixing bowl. Set aside. 
2. In another mixing bowl, mix the top layer ingredient. Set aside. 

3. Cook the mixture over very low heat util the mixture is thicken and shining.  Remove from heat and cover with cling film. 

4. Fill half of the silicone cups with the bottom mixture then immediately put the coconut cream mixture on top. Leave for 10-15 minutes to set and cool. 


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  1. When I started to read, I was wondering how you found Pandan leaves. I see, you couldn't find. Some of the common Asian products are so hard to find. Only recent years we can see rice papers and fish sauce in "regualr" supermarket, yet it's still rare. Hopefully more people are into Thai food and we have easy access to ingredients. This looks delicious. I love coconut!!

  2. @Nami
    At last, I found frozen Pandan leaves in Asian supermarket near my place. I am thinking of getting some for making Thai desserts. The price is really expensive but I really miss its subtle sweetness and fragrance. Have a nice day.