Kaipalo (Thai Style Sweet Stewed Egg)

by - July 23, 2012

When it comes to cooking I am not a purist. Let's say, I am not always in the mood of preparing everything from scratch. Most of the time I rely on ready made curry paste, instant satay sauce mix, store bought fried garlic, Pad Thai kit, etc. They are so convenient and great time saver. However, I am a bit picky and always choose ones with authentic taste  and preferably without MSG.

Today I made Kaipalo (Thai style sweet stewed egg) with Knorr Kaipalo mix. I used palm sugar, coriander roots, pepper powder as seasonings. To be honest, it never competes with Kaipalo made by my mom using fresh aromatic herb and cooked over charcoal for several hours. Today's Kaipalo tasted milder and less complex in taste (in my opinion) but delicious nonetheless.    

Kaipalo is sweet savory, aromatic and tasty. And since a lot of herbs are used, it is considered a healthy meal too.  Try it out and I am sure you and your quests would love it. 

5 hard boiled eggs
250 grams chicken wings
300 grams pork belly, cut into bite size pieces 
1.5 tablespoon palm sugar
2 coriander roots, pounded
fried tofu, cut into bite size pieces
some pepper powder
1 package Knorr Kaipalo mix 

1. Marinate chicken wing and pork belly with Kaipalo mix for 2-3 hours.

2. Place the chicken wings and pork belly in the pot. Add in eggs. Cover with cold water. 
 3. Add in palm sugar, coriander roots, pepper powder. Cook over the low heat until the chicken wings and pork belly are cooked and tender.  Add in tofu.
 4. Cook for few minutes. Serve hot with a plate of steamed rice.

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  1. Hi Tataya! I'd totally use some packaged products especially when I don't have time to cook. If you use it wisely I think it's okay because it's better than eating outside or taking some fast food. Your husband is so lucky to eat your Thai food... I love Thai food and I rarely make it at home. This looks really good!!!

  2. Hi Nam!
    Agreed! Nothing like homemade food.