Onigiri Bento

by - July 16, 2012

I made this bento last week and submitted this photo to Bento&co Contest 2012. I almost gave up to enter the contest as I still felt lack of confident in my bento making skill. Anyway, I changed my mind and enter the contest on the last day before it was over. I am more than happy that my bento photo got into the top 10 finalist!

The theme of the contest is onigiri or rice balls. I mixed cooked rice with shibazuke, shiso leaves, men tsuyu and myoka, then I formed into the rice balls.

Shibazuke is a mixture of pickled cucumber and eggplant. You can get it almost anywhere in Japan. I love love its bright purple color
Myoga is Japanese vegetable, relative to ginger.It is usually finely sliced and served as a part of the seasonings offered on the side of Japanese noodles during summer.   

Picture Courtesy : tsukemono.info

Below the rice balls are inarizushi and fresh shiso leaves. The side dishes include shrimp in chili sauce, fried chicken, stir fried broccoli, cucumber and a piece of apple.  

Wish me luck everyone! 

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