Panang Nua (Spicy Beef Curry)

by - November 05, 2012

Despite all the hustle and rushing around, I am very thankful that there’ s still time for crazy things: like my family visiting me in Tokyo. For 5 days, I had a wonderful opportunity to show my mother around Tokyo and it was so much fun. I felt like being an enthusiastic young tourist again. However, I have to confess,  I have not been that tired in a very long time. 

Apart from many travel books, my mother did carry a lot of my and my kid’s favorite things, her luggage was so full that I wondered how could she zip it up. There were summer clothes, toys, cooking books, snacks, dried fruit, Panang curry paste and condiments, etc.- all from Bangkok. I was so happy. I divided the curry paste into small portion and froze them. Early this morning I just unfreeze some and made Panang Nua for breakfast. 

In case you are not familiar with, Panang Nua is spicy thick beef curry made of many herbs, coconut milk, and beef. I love Panang Nua because there is such a complexity of favors and taste along with sweet aroma.  It was one of my favorite curries. I love cooking Panang and always making it more soupy. If you want your Panang be a bit thicker, just add less (or no) water. 

Below is my Panang Nua recipe.

Yields 4 servings Clock: 40 minutes
200 grams beef shank, cut into bite size pieces
250 ml. coconut milk 
400 ml. water
1 tablespoon palm sugar  
1.5 fish sauce   
50 grams Panang curry paste
50 grams pea eggplant 

1. Bring half of coconut milk to the boil. Add in Panang curry paste. Stir to combine.  
2. Add in water and beef. Cook until the beef is tender and the oil starts to separate from coconut milk. Add in pea eggplant. 
 3. Add in another half coconut milk. Cook until the sauce is thicken. Season with fish sauce and palm sugar. Add in kaffir lime leaves.  Serve with a plate of steam rice. 

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