Med Kanoon (เม็ดขนุน)

by - June 03, 2013

I have to admit I don't really like Med Kanoon. It is a bit too sweet in my taste but my family loves it, especially my kid. So I made it pretty often.  Med Kanoon literary means jackfruit seeds. It derived from the fact that each dessert has the size of a jackfruit seed. Moreover, Med Kanoon has the nutty flavor similar to jackfriut seeds. (Yes, in Thailand boiled jackfruit seeds are common and pretty popular snack.)  

Med Kanoon is usually made of sweet beans paste dipped in beaten eggs, then cooked in syrup. The taste is nutty, creamy and sweet. If you're looking for a really sweet dessert recipe, you come to the right place.  Below is my Med Kanoon recipe.

250 grams peeled mung beans
150 grams sugar 
3 tablespoon palm sugar 
200 ml. coconut milk 
a pinch of salt 
7-8 egg yolks

 for the syrup 
3 cup water 
3 cup sugar   

1. Soak mung beans in some water overnight, drain well, steam or boil them until are cooked. 
2. Blend the mung beans with sugar, palm sugar, salt and coconut milk. 
 3. Cook the mixture from step 2 with a double boiler or non stick pan, stir often enough to prevent burning. When the mixture becomes a paste that doesn't stick to your hand, it is done. Remove from heat. 
4. Roll the mung beans paste into a jackfruit seed shape. 
5. Let sit for 30-45 minutes. 
6. Meanwhile prepare the syrup, bring water to a boil, add in sugar. Cook until all the sugar is dissolve and the mixture become syrupy. 
7. Bring the syrup to a boil, dip the dessert in beaten egg yolks, cook it in the boiling syrup. 
8. When the egg is cooked, drain the dessert well and remove from heat. 
9. Serve at room temperature. Enjoy! 

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