Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Salad (ยําปลาทูน่าฟู)

by - July 22, 2013

I've been craving for Spicy Deep Fried Catfish Salad(ยำปลาดกฟู) for a while. It's one of those dishes I would get whenever I go to Bangkok. Whenever I visit Bangkok、I always head out to local flee markets. There are plenty of authentic spicy foods, and one of the dishes I enjoy a lot is Spicy Deep Fried Catfish Salad--crispy catfish with Thai style spicy dressing served with cucumber slices and tomatoes. 

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping, the store put out some canned tuna for sale. I immediately scored one of them and made this wonderful spicy deep fried Tuna salad. While charcoal grilled catfish is best for this kind of salad, but I want to make the best dish possible. So I drained off an excess water from tuna, patiently broke it into small flakes with a fork,deep fried it to golden crisp. Then I prepared the dressing with a lot of chilies, the way I like it. The end result was really rewarding.

Below is my Spicy Deep Fried Tuna Salad  (ยําปลาทูน่าฟู) recipe, try it out, it's sure to please you and your love ones. 
240 grams canned Tuna
some toasted peanut 
1/2 cup panko (bread crumb) 

3 medium size shallots, sliced thinly 
 2 tablespoon tamarind concentrate 
2 tablespoon fish sauce 
3/4  tablespoon palm sugar 
1 tablespoon lime juice 
1 teaspoon sugar 
3-4 red chili peppers, sliced thinly 
4-5 medium size shrimp, boiled 

canola oil for deep frying    
1. Drain off an excess water from canned tuna as much as you can. Chop or use a fork to break the tuna into flakes, mix it with panko. 
2. Deep fry the mixture from step 1 until is done and golden crisp. 
3. In a small bowl, mix all the dressing ingredient, stir with a spoon until the sugar completely dissolve. 
4. To add texture, sprinkle the fried tuna with some toasted peanuts. Serve hot. 

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