Glutinous Rice with Corn in Coconut Syrup

by - August 13, 2011

Japan has four distinct seasons : a beautiful but rainy spring time, a searing hot and sticky summer, a moderate autumn with many colors and a dry snowy winter.   

I love Japan unique whether and its seasonal food. 

While in Thailand you can find fresh corn all year long, in Tokyo you can find some really delicious corn only in summer. 

Inspired by cheap and fresh corn in the market, I made Glutinous Rice with Corn in Coconut Syrup today.  

Thai glutinous rice / Japanese rice 3/4 Cup
sugar 3/4 Cup
sweet corn kennels 
water 1 Cup 
coconut milk 1 Cup
little salt 

  • Put water to the boil.  Place sweet corn, keep boiling until it is done.  Set aside.  
  • In another pot, put water to the boil add in Japanese rice.( You don't have to rinse and soak the rice. ) Lower the heat and keep stirring until the rice is almost done.  

  • Then add in sugar and corn kennels, keep stirring until the sugar completely dissolve and the rice is done.  Remove from heat. 

  • In another pot, put coconut milk to the boil, add in salt.  Remove from heat. 
  • Transfer the rice into dessert bowls. Top with some coconut milk. Serve warm.  

Traditionally this recipe is made of Thai glutinous rice, which I ran out of. Today I substituted with Japanese rice, which although give slightly different texture and taste, definitely goes together.  

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