Mock Pomegranate Seed in Coconut Syrup

by - August 01, 2011

Mock Pomegranate Seed in Coconut Syrup (Tub Tim Krob) is very famous dessert in Thailand. Named for its red pomegranate seed- like color.  It is the dessert that commonly sold by street vendors. 

It was one of my favorites when I was younger.  In a hot and humid country like Thailand, nothing beats the icy cold and sweet dessert that soothes the throat and cools down the body. 

Tub Tim Krob is made of water chestnut and I found no substitute. It's impossible to find fresh water chestnut in Tokyo. Anyway, canned water chestnut available in most Asian supermarkets works just fine. 

In Thailand it is usually served with some ice.  However, today I just had it chilled in the fridge for 20 minutes and I was already happy with the result. 

Below is authentic and easy Tub Tim Krob recipe

canned water chestnut 
cassava starch 
food coloring (red)
coconut milk 200 cc.
water 400 cc.
sugar 4 cup or to taste

Cut water chestnut into small pieces.  Add in food coloring and leave for 15 minutes. Then shake off excess liquid. 

Transfer the water chestnut to another plate, cover them evenly with cassava starch. 
 With a sieve, shake off excess.  

Put water to the boil. Add the water chestnut, stir very gently.  When the water chestnut float up, with the sieve transfer them out into an ice bath. 

Bring water to the boil, add in sugar, stir constantly. When the sugar dissolve completely, remove the pan from the heat.  Allow to cool completely.  (Do not allow the syrup boil for too long or the syrup will be too thick. ) 

Then with the sieve transfer the water chestnut into the syrup. Keep in the fridge.  

To serve top with some coconut milk and some ice. 


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  1. I have just foung your blog yesterday and... khobkhun mak na ka!!!
    I was born in Bangkok too but as now I live in France it is very difficult to find tipical thai food! Of course everybody knows the som tam or tom yam kung but when you come from Thailand sometimes you want ti eat the kuay chap or kaw man kai! So thanks again
    Waiting for new recipes from you

  2. @Khun Sirikanya
    Thanks for your kind comment. Hope you come back here soon.