Thai Fish Cakes

by - September 12, 2011

When I was in Bangkok, I hardly ever cooked. As it was so easy to catch a quick bite to eat. There are food vendors on every street corner. They sell fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices, noodles, fried rice, grilled meat and more. They are all pretty delicious and cheap! 

Sometimes I have breakfast, lunch and dinner on Bangkok's street. 

Thai Fish Cakes (ทอดมันปลากราย) are one of my favorite street foods.  The fish cakes are very aromatic, juicy and flavorful.  I usually have them with rice and accompany by Thai sweet chilies sauce, sliced cucumber and fresh coriander. Simply delicious!  

In spite of my strong love for the dish, I never, ever attempted to make this favorite appetizer until recently. It seems too ambitious. I don't own a food processor and I don't feel like making  fish paste with my tiny mortar and pestle.  Recently I found ready made fish paste so my excuses vanished.      

So here I am sharing with you Thai Fish Cakes recipe.  

454 grams (1 lb.)fish paste
one egg
90 grams red curry paste 
2-3 teaspoon sugar
3 ice cubes
10-12 kaffir lime leaves (Cut into fine thin strips)
50 grams long beans (thinly sliced)

In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredient to form a thick fish paste. Make sure the red curry paste is well blended with the rest of ingredients. 

Heat up a pot of oil. Wet your hands, pick up the fish paste (of the size of golf ball). Pat the paste into a small cake, set on a clean plate. 
Drop it into a cooking oil, deep fry over medium heat till golden brown.  

Serve the fish cakes hot with Thai sweet chilies sauce and sliced fresh cucumber.
This dish can be served with or without rice. 

To keep the kaffir lime leaves fresh, place them in a plastic zip lock bag and keep them in a freezer until you need to use them. 

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