Sweet Potato (Sweet Potato Dessert)

by - February 06, 2012

Sweet potatoes are ones of my favorite root vegetables. I love sweet potatoes and anything with them. While I was growing up my mom always served  freshly steamed sweet potatoes accompanied with some sugar as a dip. The idea of dipping sweet potatoes into sugar is somewhat bizarre but believe me~they are heavenly good. We (my family) love to have sweet potatoes as our all time snacks and sometimes as on the go breakfast. I like to think that my love for sweet potatoes is a healthy addiction. Well, I can't be sure.  

When I moved to Tokyo, I was more than happy to know that sweet potatoes are very common in Japan and Japanese sweet potatoes taste really good. Moreover, the Japanese  have numerous ways to make an already great- tasting sweet potatoes even tastier!!!   And making sweet potato  is one of the best ways. Am I confuse you a bit?:-)  
Sweet Potato is the Japanese dessert called Sui-to Poteto  (スイートポテト). It is the Japanese pronunciation of sweet potato, as you may guess. In Tokyo, sweet potato dessert is available almost everywhere ranging from supermarkets, depachika (department stores basements' shops), convenient stores, sweet shops. It is always so easy to get a piece of it. 

But I prefer homemade Sweet Potato since it is fresh, tasty and so easy beyond belief to make. The whole process is really simple and no time consuming. Just steam sweet potato, mash them with butter, sugar, whipping cream and a yolk. Then hand mold the mixture into sweet potato shape and bake them. 

Within 30-40 minutes you will get mildly sweet, buttery and starchy sweet potato dessert in front of you. 
300 grams sweet potatoes, peeled
40 grams butter
40 ml. whipping cream
40 grams sugar
one egg yolk 
some roasted black sesame 

1. Steam sweet potatoes until they are done. Set aside 

2. In the mixing bowl, mash them. 

3. Transfer to a pot, add in butter, whipping cream, sugar. Cook over low heat until the sugar dissolves completely. and the mixture becomes smooth. 

 4. Remove from heat and let it cool for 4-5 minutes. Then add in a yolk and mix quickly until it is combined to the mixture.  

5. Hand mold the paste into sweet potato shape. Preheat oven to 160°C  , bake for   15-20 minutes. 
6.  Sprinkle with sesame. Enjoy!

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  1. Ohhhh Tataya! My favorite sweet potato!!! I love this...I can eat 3 pieces easily. I miss Japanese satsumaimo. We can find similar one but it's not as rich taste as one we eat in Japan. This looks so yummy, and oh my look at the color. So delicious.

  2. Hi Nami!
    I love Japanese satsumaimo too. They are so delicious. Sometimes I saw purple fleshed potatoes here but not quite common. Are they Japanese potatoes?