Thai Shaved Ice

by - February 18, 2013

I will be off to Tottori prefecture with my family for a few days so I 'd like to keep this post short. 

Today recipe is Thai Shaved Ice, นํ้าแข็งไส, one of my all time favorite desserts. It is  so damned easy to make but super delicious nonetheless. I added grass jelly(เฉาก๊วย), palm seed in syrup(ลูกตาลเชื่อม) and sweet corn kennels but you can try making your own version with almost anything you want. The Thai Shaved Ice vendors in Bangkok usually sweeten their Thai Shaved Ice with syrup, coconut syrup or Red Hales Blue Boy syrup. Again, you can choose whatever you like. 

Here is my Thai Shaved Ice recipe. Try is out. I am sure you will love this cooling, refreshing and soothing dessert. 

makes 1 serving       

2 tablespoon grass jelly  
2 tablespoon palm seeds in syrup 
1 tablespoon sweet corn kennels
2-3 ice cubes 

for the syrup 
400 ml. water 
100 grams sugar 
2 tablespoon light brown sugar 

1. Bring the water to the boil. Add in sugar and brown sugar. When the sugar dissolves completely, it is done. Leave the syrup to cool. 
2. Shave the ice cubes or crush ice in a blender. 
3.  Add grass jelly, palm seeds, sweet corn kennels to the serving bowl. Top with ice, ladle 3-4 tablespoon of syrup over, serve immediately.   

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