Colorful Sweet Coconut in Mini Tarts (Khanom Krachausida กระเช้าสีดา)

by - February 09, 2015

Thailand has a long dessert tradition, with too many wonderful sweet treats to list. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors : sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, fancy and plain. They are regarded as snacks to be enjoyed during any time of the day. 

Many Thai desserts appearance mimic nature : flowers, fruits, vegetables or animals. There are handmade birdflower shaped dumplings filled with minced chicken,flower shaped jasmine cookiesmock pomegranate seed in coconut syrup and so on. They are not only cute, but also adorable and extremely delicious. Thais often buy these savory delicacies to take to their friends or to have on hand at home for visitors, while tourists stock up to bring souvenir for family back home. If you ever been to Thailand, don't forget to pick one for yourself, and when you need a rest, find a tranquil spot, unwrap your treasure and savor the shapes of nature. 

Colorful sweet coconut in mini tarts,(Khanom Krachausida ขนมกระเช้าสีดา), the recipe I am going to share with you today, is another dessert appearance mimic nature. Khanom Krachausida is basket liked tartlets with colorful mildly sweet coconut filling dessert. Its name came from a well known tropical climbing pant with small basket shaped fruits, Krachausida. 

Krachausida by สเลเต via pantip
Khanom Krachausida by
To cut down the cooking time dramatically, today I used store brought tarlets from Kaldi. If you like to make it from scratch, feel free to do so. You will need extra time to prepare the tartlets, but homemade is always the best. 

Below is my Colorful Sweet Coconut in Mini Tarts  (Khanom Krachausida กระเช้าสีดา) recipe.

Ingredients make 3-4 servings
dehydrated shredded coconut 120 grams
1 tablespoon coconut milk
50 ml. water
70 grams sugar
some food coloring 
pop sugar for decoration

1. To make the filling, take a clean pot, add in water and sugar, bring to simmer.  
2. When the sugar dissolves completely, add in coconut milk, shredded coconut. Cook over low heat.  
3.When the mixture becomes shinny, remove from heat.  
4. Add in food coloring while the mixture is still hot so that the colors go smoothly and evenly. 
5. Using a dessert spoon to spoon the filling into each tartlet. Decorate with pop sugar.  

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